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So you have this great product, service or software and you want to scale internationally, but something is holding you back? Lets talk to see if we can find a way forward together!

Scaling your business, all the way to global presence, can now be done in years instead of decades because of:

• Powerful digital marketing,
• smart cross cultural branding,
• fast product development and regionalization,
• cheap personal mobility and product transportation,
• low barriers to market entry, e.g. in the European Union,
• easy project communications with Slack, Jostle, Flock or Twist.

This process can be done in a ‘pull out all the stops’ approach, or in a thoughtful, deliberate project. My clients prefer the latter, as do I.

My methodology is all about implementing easy to swallow solutions over an extended period of time. Together we improve operations cheaply and effectively with plenty of room to learn.

While doing that, you will find that I am easy to work with, have a clear seniority in marketing and I’m up to date with the latest digital developments and startup principles. 

Typical clients are brand owners that want to cross over to new markets. Recent projects involve Danish, Dutch, English, Swiss, and Kenyan clients.

More personal information:

I spent time living in the USA (1992), the UK (1994) and Kenya. In Nairobi I founded, and still co-own, Opti-Ride Ltd in 2009. This is a car workshop dedicated to training new mechanics to handle auto repairs.

In 2016 I authored a book in Dutch called ‘De vrije adviseur’ (‘The free consultant’) about the advantages of subscription consulting for small and medium sized clients.

Together with my wife and daughter I live in the green and peaceful town of Ommen in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

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