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Arthur Tolsma combines his startup and corporate experiences to help both startups and corporates speeding up innovation. Yes, they face similar challenges, and at the same time they can learn a lot from each other. 

In 2007 Arthur Tolsma co-founded Greetinq BV, where he experienced the ups and downs of the startup life. After winning a national TV-show in 2009 he was seen as a successful entrepreneur in the media, but four months later he was almost bankrupt and had to reorganize the company. He held on, and sold the company in 2012. 
After his startup-period he became successful in sharing his insights in innovation and entrepreneurship; as coach for high-tech startups, setting up a business incubator, teaching at universities, and writing the book 'Startups & Downs' (January 2014, by publisher Communicatiereeks). To share his startup lessons in the corporate world he worked as innovation consultant at VODW, the no. 1 strategic marketing consultancy firm in the Netherlands. 

Arthur helps speeding up innovation. Both for startups (e.g. as interim program manager at YES!Delft) and larger companies (as innovation consultant and teamcoach). He is also asked to share his insights and and inspiration in the media or on conferences (TEDxEde, Berlin, Hyderabad, etc.). Occasionally he gives presentation training and acts as presenter or moderator at conferences. 

Arthur Tolsma is boardmember of the foundation 'MKB Doorstart' and Expert Evaluator at the European Commission. 

Contact: or +31 6 24259397. 

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