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  • WHAT WE DO., Inc. – We bring WebRTC to Life..

    NetStairs® builds "interactive Echo System" for the Governments, Industries, Enterprises, Telecom, Mobile, TV Networks, and Production Houses. SNL Open System is the pioneer in social media digital broadcast and collaboration with infrastructures founded on interactive content delivery network. We combine art, science, & technology into a showcase of ready-to-market virtual venues. With a focus on interactive digital studio, live, unicast, multicast, simulcast, on-demand, streaming, progressive, unified Communications, tele-Presence, video conferencing, video chat, webinar, web-casting, and file share protocols, we bring the whole interactive menu under one Eco system.


    We love & embrace interactive video. We introduced Cybermercial web video mail when web video was a taboo.

    As a pioneer, in March 2000, we introduced Cybermercial® video email – a desktop video email utility program. In 2002, we invented iV8® - the world's first intelligent media middle-ware delivery system. In 2006, we established our technological leadership with Live Media Streaming to Mobile Devices. In 2008, we introduced “Interactive” as our new “Game Changer” theme. Today, the company offers a wide array of CAPEX and OPEX cloud interactive media services. As an interactive digital media middleware, check-out our most recent innovation founded on Pure HTML5. We call our initiative NS WebRTC.


    interactive integration - ushering in a new era of tech-marketing services.

    NetStairs specializes in digital media delivery cloud, infrastructure, platforms, and software as a service. We license and build time tested architectural cost saving and or self-monetized Lego-style media middleware that allow integration with your own existing workflow or building a whole new interactive user-enhanced experience. 

    Due to our diverse experience, we bring a wealth of experience. Think of us as both technology and business engineers. Today, our primary focus is on (iCDN) interactive content delivery network, (iMHS) interactive managed hosted solutions, (iCPT) interactive Cost per Time, and (iCPS) interactive Creative & Programming Services.



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