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MIMOA,, is the online user-generated guide to the world's Modern Architecture, providing the exact addresses and interactive maps to visit buildings, interiors, squares, parks and bridges. It is the best source of information for your cultural city trip with all Modern Architecture in one view.

Since its launch in 2007, MIMOA has built up a large worldwide online community of architecture lovers. The community of MIMOA has grown to over 30.000 dedicated MIMOA members from all over the world and the website of MIMOA reaches globally around 100.000 unique visitors per month. The database of MIMOA contains over 8.000 architectural projects in 92 different countries all over the world.

Increasingly the visitors use MIMOA not only as source of information but also as partner in organising architecture trips and project visits. In 2014 we introduced MIMOA Travel, which is still in development, to offer an answer on this growing market demand.

Our goals for 2015 are:

Rebuild the website of MIMOA and develop a new (multi-platform) app.

Expand and professionalise our editorial staff!
And take an active guiding role in the growth of our database.

To reach these goals we’re looking for growth capital, preferably in combination with strategic coaching. Interested in our plans? Please contact me and I would be pleased to tell you more about MIMOA, myself and our future plans.

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