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A successful restaurant is a blend of your flavours with the environment’s taste. Studio Benjamin Herz combines all the known factors that influence the business. However, on top, we look further; not just demographics and geographical. We also want to know where your guest or customer buys their clothes, enjoys their dinner, buys their art work, the ring for their girlfriend, shoes for their boyfriend and that great morning coffee. We want to know what movie they like. We want to know what music they listen to.

Your guests must feel comfortable in the space you create for them. In a way, they are the designer. We believe in sustainable concepts, no quick wins in easy designs but easy upkeep and in tune with the time is paramount for continued success. In a nutshell: a blend of your flavours with the environment’s taste.

A restaurant, bar, lounge or club is so much more than just a table, a chair and a kitchen. It requires SOUL. You need an enthusiastic group of people who understand what the needs and desires of your guests are. Ideally, there is a team that over delivers. This requires facilities and thus a critical eye on the back of house. Logistics, changing facilities, quality of the equipment, routing, shelving, fridges, etc. This will always be incorporated strongly by Studio Benjamin Herz. These foundations of a successful operation is based on strong operational experience in multiple countries and multiple positions.  A team can never perform top level if paramount elements are skipped.

Studio Benjamin Herz is a multi-disciplinary company that creates, improves and collaborates to develop the best possible food and beverage operation possible. No element that can be of influence on the success of the operation is skipped. The environment will never adjust to the concept. The concept needs to adjust to the environment. The concept is hardly ever holy. The success always is.

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