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The How To Get There Summit: 17 November 2016

Initiated by Minister Kamp and Neelie Kroes, the How To Get There (HTGT) Summit is the event where innovative minds of the Netherlands come together to learn from each other and to do business with startups and scaleups. On the 17th of November this grand innovation event takes place at The Hague University of Applied Sciences where 2500 innovation professionals, ambitious entrepreneurs and scaleups, investors, policymakers, innovation hubs and startups innovate faster together.

About ECE

The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) is the leading expertise centre on entrepreneurship in Europe. Fueled by our belief that entrepreneurship is the primary condition for realising progress, we use the knowledge and network of our university to speed up innovation by stimulating entrepreneurship.

The research from our 25+ scholars is shared and put into practice globally in governmental policies on entrepreneurship and in helping existing organisations facilitate internal innovation. Through our education we not only support over 20 corporates by training their employees to be intrapreneurs, but also coach first-time entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into an actual business, and teach over 3000 students the foundations of entrepreneurship every year. Finally, our ECE Campus is the home to over 75 innovative companies and the place where entrepreneurial minds of all kinds meet during countless events and successful alumni, such as Pieter Zwart (Founder / CEO Coolblue) and Fabian Dudek (Founder Nestpick), come together to share experiences, learn and inspire.

By combining these three elements, we have an integral perspective on entrepreneurship and provide a learning environment where companies – from startup to multinational – become better at entrepreneurship and truly turn ideas into innovations.

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