GWTG Couture and Magazine


I started with an idea but I am determined to transform it into a little business empire of my own. Literally a self-made businesswoman, I embrace the power of exponential thinking and redefine “creating outside the box.”

The passion I have for innovating, creating and developing ideas from a till z, I combine with staying ahead of the game, always on the lookout for new ideas, information and perspectives. Topped with an impeccable feeling for refined esthetic, an eye for the essence of real beauty and intuitive sense for manipulating, predicting and setting future trends.

Within my past a rough childhood, and growing up without the comfort of a childhood home I strive to be an inspiration for those less fortunate. Being the living example that persistence, passion, never giving up and setting audacious goals can make the difference in how your life evolves.

The foundations of GWTG are based on the values I believe into the depth of my soul. My vision is very clear to become and be remembered as a leader in changing the face of the fashion industry. Through creating an inclusive, free of discrimination and empowering world where sustainability and equality are key core words. Where the difference between people is celebrated and where women are motivated to stay real and healthy instead of advertising the unrealistic ideals which ruined already so many lives.

To become the ultimate brand and benchmark for publishing an immaculate, fair printed & digital magazine. Making sure that our content is always an inspiration and has a positive influence, by encouraging development, stimulating personal and global growth, rigorous, sometimes provocative but always straightforward and honest storytelling. By celebrating individual identity, creativity, originality, uniqueness amongst different people and communities, and especially empowering women no matter what size, form or shape, to be themselves, belief in themselves and their beauty, to stay real and celebrate their bodies.

We will always strive to be innovative and to offer our clients no less than the best, to be trendsetters in style, elegance and always remember the essence of beauty. To maintain our company an honest business that supports local business and communities, with an eye for the environmental needs by using only sustainable materials or fabrics to help restore the balance in this world. 


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