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TicTag started as Kudoos. Kudoos' goal is to help retail SME's in boosting customer loyalty. Along the way we developed a revolutionary new technology that opened up new ways to create customer engagement by making on- and offline connectivity more easy. 

With our new touch technology we are able to connect any product or service in the physical world to the online world in a very natural way: hidden worlds will open up just by touching the attached TicTag with the screen of your smartphone, tablet or touchable laptop screen! The tags can be used as an identifier, authenticator and data transfer tool.

Our tags are made out of 100% plastic. No QR-codes, NFC chips, beacons or batteries are involved. This technology is now sold under licence by TicTag as a SaaS-service. Kudoos keeps its focus on boosting customer loyalty with the help of TicTag's technology. 

Interested in how it works? Please contact me and we'll arrange a call. 

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