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Nxchange was founded in 2015 by Marleen Evertsz, based on dissatisfaction with the way in which the traditional financial markets operate. There are a number of stumbling blocks for people who want to invest their money wisely. Even if one wants to invest in companies, there is a lack of information and transparency. Small-scale investors have virtually no access to the management of listed companies to ask questions.

In addition, they are asked to rely on the advice and assessment of research reports provided by the selling analysts who have other interests. In this way, it is difficult for investors to decide whether something is a valuable investment opportunity and virtually impossible to build and maintain a relationship with a listed company when it is so inaccessible.

With more regulation and the reluctance of banks to provide loans, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to get financing. Traditional IPOs are also time-consuming, painfully expensive and do not always proceed as planned and hoped for.

Hard-working individuals who have saved money are also confronted with record low interest rates, which generate insufficient income. This has created an enormous distance in the market, which investors must reduce.

And that's where Nxchange comes in: we give you the good parts, and leave out the bad.

We change the way capital markets work, by offering innovative FinTech solutions that bring supply and demand together. We empower issuers to efficiently raise capital and investors to take control over their own assets again.

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