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Hi, I am Renate Ekelhoff. I am the Client Services Director at SUPERREBEL. As chief happy clients I am responsible for client services and business development of all the companies that we work for. In our industry, they sometimes say that it is more difficult to sell ideas than to create them. And that's exactly why I'm here. I love high-end creativity but I also know that in the end only results count. We are only successful if our clients are successful. 

Within SUPERREBEL I am also part of the management team. My main focus is to reach commercial targets. Before joining SUPERREBEL I finished my Bachelor at NHTV. After that I worked for companies like Burnett and TamTam (Part of Dept). Over the years I've learned a lot about the creative and digital industry. Are you looking for an agency that is very creative and even more result driven? Let's have a coffee. It might improve your brand performance forever.

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