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With a balanced breathing pattern, you sleep better, get more energy an also boost your immune system. Improve your own breathing pattern with “The BreathBalanz”


 Through better breathing a better living



 Breath In Balanz

Develops a Personal Coaching and Feedback System called, the “BreathBalanz” to improve your breathing pattern.

It consist of a sensor who measures the breathing frequency with you but in a strap around your belly button, connected via blue tooth low energy with a mobile device with a proven breathing exercise program and validated symptoms list.    Release 12th April 2020

Yearly 600.000 patients suffer in the Netherlands from dysfunctional (disordered) breathing such as hyperventilation. In Europe and the USA this is a population of over 80 million patients of which the healthcare costs exceed 240 billion euro in the meantime.

A dysfunctional breathing  such as hyperventilation is often caused by a.o. stress,  fear and panic, but also with psychological and social non well-being.  This can cause a lot of complaints that are not always recognized and acknowledged in time. Dysfunctional breathing also occurs with COPD and asthmatic patients.

 Also with the coronavirus around us, it is important to keep track of your breathing pattern.

For people who are infected with the virus, most of them can use support to get restore their breathing pattern again.

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