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 Improve you own breathing pattern with “The BreathBalanz”


 Through better breathing a better living



 Breath In Balanz

Develops a Personal Coaching and Feedback System to improve your breathing pattern. It consist of a sensor who measures the breathing frequenty with you but in a strap around your belly button, connected via blue tooth low energy with a mobile device with on it a proven exercise program and valididated symptomslist.  Release Q3 2019. 

Yearly 600.000 patients suffer in the Netherlands from dysfunctional (disordered) breathing such as hyperventilation. In Europe and the USA this is a population of over 80 million patients of which the healthcare costs exceed 240 billion euro in the meantime.

A dysfunctional breathing  such as hyperventilation is often caused by a.o. stress,  fear and panic, but also with psychological and social non well-being.  This can cause a lot of complaints that are not always recognized and acknowledged in time. Dysfunctional breathing also occurs with COPD and asthmatic patients.

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