Stefan Nuijten is currently active as (tech)-investor from his vehicle Oyster Ventures, that holds shares in multiple companies like The Communication Company, The Fightclub, Fixers,, The Red Corner, Otazu, Caramol, Obly, Ivy Jewels, Doorb, Veganific and several others.. 

Stefan has over 10 years of experience in identifying online business opportunities in different markets. Sold his first online company when he was 25 and ever-since stoked about building (mostly) digital companies. Stefan’s last adventure, Digital Agency 76interactive, has grown out to one of the top 15 fastest-growing and innovative, digital companies in The Netherlands (SAN - 2015) and was acquired together with the fastest growing electronics webshop called Forza Refurbished (market leader) with a monthly revenue of 1,5 million+. The companies held over 45 people when aquired.

The know-how of the online landscape can set up well-founded analyzes, forecasts and strategies to determine the feasibility of a start- or scale-up. Based on this knowledge Oyster Ventures initiates and invest. Together with his partners Michiel Mol and Maarten Elshove, they help other ambitious entrepreneurs become more successful by investing with a strong service-oriented mindset. Commited capital from 50K to 1MIO.

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